Summer Holidays

Sorry this is a bit late. I’ve had no time to be on my blog with holidays and school.

I’ve had lots of fun on my holidays. We went to Warrnambool and stayed in a townhouse, we stayed at a motel in Melbourne next to Carlton Gardens, we went to Ballarat for a day, we had Christmas, the list just goes on.

Penny Skateboard

We had a great holidays together. In Melbourne, I was able to get a Penny skateboard, and we all got pancakes. At Christmas, I got lots of stuff. I got a new water pistol, a new 3DS game, a Pillow Pet, the new Diary Of a Wimpy Kid book, some new Beyblades and some other stuff too.

My new Beyblade: Gravity Destroyer!


We all had a great summer holidays.

What was your favourite part? Leave a comment and tell me!




(This post was done from my new laptop!)      🙂

Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D

This post is a follow up from ‘My 11th Birthday’ (Because I got this game)

Ocarina of Time is a Zelda Game that was originally released for the Nintendo 64. It was a really great game that blew the old Artari out of the water and got people playing the 64. Now this great game has been remade for the 3DS. You play as Link, a young boy who lives in the Kokiri Forest, who sets out to save Hyrule from the evil Ganondorf.

You start off in the Kokiri Forest, where a fairy, Navi, comes to tell you that you have been summoned by the Great Deku Tree. You go to the Deku Tree and he tells you that he has been cursed by an evil desert man. You go inside the tree and break the curse. That’s where the journey to save Hyrule begins.

After that, you will journey out into the Hyrule Field. That is one of the best moments in the game. The graphics are amazing and you fell like you’re in the game with the 3D on. You go to the castle and meet Princess Zelda. She has suspicions about a man Ganondorf, a knight at the castle. This is the desert man who cursed the Deku Tree.

The rest of the game requires you to travel around Hyrule to do side-quests and complete missions. You will eventually become an adult at about halfway through the game. This means you have increased skills and more power. It also lets you use new items.

This game is a true jewel and I would recommend to people aged 8-14.


 Link vs Ganondorf




My 11th Birthday

On the 26th of November, it was my 11th birthday. I was really happy and I got lots of ‘Happy Birthday’s’ from everyone. I got a 3DS from my Mum and Dad and that is really cool. I also got a case and game. It was The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D. I also got a box of chocolates. All the presents were great.

I went to the movies with my friends Joseph, Callum and Hayden and we saw Arthur Christmas. It was a great movie. After the movie we went and had pizza. It was really nice. I got $20 from Callum and Hayden and Joe gave me a protective shell for my 3DS that looks really cool. The next day we had a family party. I got new shoes from my Gran and Pa and I got a Lonsdale T-Shirt and singlet top from my aunty Chree and my Uncle Paul.


About The 3DS 

Setting up my 3DS took ages because I had to put in my settings and my Internet password. We spent a bit of time looking for our Internet ID but we found it and we set it up eventually. I had to perform a System Update for the 3DS and that took 25 minutes. After I did it, I had an E-Shop Icon on my HOME menu and that let me download 3DS apps to use. I got Nintendo Video and Pokedex 3D. I could also access the Internet via the actual 3DS console. It was great that I could suspend software then re-open it, and resume at the same point you suspended it. The HOME menu is where you can access all the games you have and is the main basis of the console.


I had the best birthday ever!



Student Challenge Reflection

The Student Blogging Challenge is a challenge made for bloggers all around the world. You can enter your own blog, your class blog or you can register as a teacher. I participated in a challenge this year and it was fun.

About The Challenge


The Student Blogging Challenge is fun, but I think that 2 weeks isn’t enough time for registration because not everybody knows about it. It is great and I think that registration should be longer.

Some of the posts were ‘Visit these’. I liked looking at everybody’s blogs, but there were too many sometimes.

My favourite challenge was the Favourites one. It was great to be able to write about things we like so the world can follow. I also liked the one where we wrote about our favourite thing to embed.

We visited the site each week to check the challenge and it was good because Mrs. N told us which activities were compulsory through an e-mail. That was really helpful.

I liked the challenge because my visitors have soared since beginning. I have had people from China, America, New Zealand and lots more. The challenge is a great way to get new visitors and lots of comments. It is a great  learning experience.

How My Blog Has Improved

Ever since the challenge started, my posts have become a lot better. I have received more comments, and I can write posts more often. I have put new widgets on like a flag counter and a translator, to help me and overseas people. I wrote 7 posts as part of the challenge. Although it doesn’t seem like much, I have watched videos and put on widgets as part of it as well.


Student Blogging Challenge 10


I like to do a lot of things, but my favourite thing is technology. I own a Playstation 2, a Nintendo DS, a Nintendo Wii, a Nintendo Game Boy Micro and this Saturday the 26th I get a Nintendo 3DS. I love to play games on ‘Hard’ mode and I am a really experienced gamer. I can complete a Pokemon game in under a month and I can catch every one.

I love sport as well. I can run fast and I like to play footy. I am good at soccer and I can swim really well. I am in Level 7 for it. Sport is fun because I get to run around and get fit. I am turning 11 this year and I am trying to improve my running .

My favourite thing to do on the computer go on Zelda Universe and read all the info there. I love Zelda games because I get to be Link and wield my sword. The storyline of each game is good too. I like to blog as well as you can see because you are reading this. It is really fun.



I like all these things because they are really fun to do. They are my favourite things.

Student Blogging Challenge 9

Computer Animation

In the olden days, movies weren’t made with hi-tech cameras and video equipment, they were made using computer animation. That’s where you move a character a tiny bit, take a photo, move it a bit more, and so on. It was really hard work. In Inquiry, my group made a video using computer animation.

Do you like it? Leave a comment about the movie. It took hundreds of photos but we finished it. Mrs N put in in Vimeo to make it work. I hope you enjoy the movie!

My Family

My family is really big. I have my Mum, Dad, my 8 year old brother and my 3 year old sister. Every Christmas we go down to Warrnambool to see my Dad’s parents and all of my cousins. We usually have an annual cricket match at Lake Pertobe Park, near Flagstaff Hill. Sometimes our cousins come up to visit, and sometimes we holiday down there.

My Gran and Pa are great too. When we went to the Gold Coast in May. My Pa took me on a log ride at Sea World and my Gran took me to see all the penguins. Gran and Pa stayed in a room across from us at our motel.

My Aunty and Uncle are great too. They buy me things and are nice to me. They get me things like footy cards and new clothes.

My Mum and Dad are awesome. My Dad takes me for a kick of footy, or a hit of cricket, and he is really great to me. My Mum irons my clothes and gets me ready for school, and sometimes buys me lollies. They are both the best.

I love my family and they are really good to me.

Student Blog Challenge Week 8

Global Issues

There are lots of things going on in the world. Global issues are affecting people all over world. One of the main issues is global warming. If it keeps up, the animals could die and the ice could melt. Here’s a Toonbook I made with Toondoo:

Like the alien said, remember to save energy by switching off lights, walk, ride a bike or try other ways. Save energy to ensure the planet’s safety! There are other global issues as well so try to help their causes. You can save the planet and ensure animals and humans a better life.

Student Blog Challenge Week 6

Internet Creativity

As part of the Student Blogging Challenge, I had to try some sites that are fun, and that let you be creative. Here are my top 5:

1 Artpad

This lets you paint your own art and add in text to your liking. Here’s an example of what I made:










2 Magic Pen

This is a  maths game where you draw shapes to move a ball to a flag. It gets really hard and is very addictive.


3 Voki

Voki lets you create a talking avatar and embed it on your blog or page. You can customize its looks and voice so it can sound like an American or a Britsish and some others.


4 Magnetic Poetry

This lets you make your own poetry and stick it to a board. It helps improve your reading skills.


5 GoAnimate!

This lets you make your own animated videos. It is great fun and you can watch other people’s videos.

See an example of GoAnimate I made here.


They are great sites and you should try them out sometime.

Student Blog Challenge Week 7